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The loss of a loved one in and of itself can be traumatic, but many in our community are still struggling to make ends meet since Hurricane Michael, a category five storm and the strongest to ever hit the panhandle of Florida. They have suffered emotional and financial loss, the loss of their jobs and in many cases, families have had to relocate due to damage to their home. Having to relocate after a hurricane, leaving your damaged possessions and memories behind is difficult for anyone. It is especially difficult for children and adolescents, they need stability and structure in their lives under normal circumstances and have found themselves uprooted from their homes and everything that was familiar to them.

We can help, but only through generous donations from people like you. Angel House Bereavement Center specializes in grief and loss counseling for children, adolescents, and adults and is the only clinical grief support agency in the area. Our scholarship funds allow children, adolescents, and adults to receive grief and loss counseling that they may not otherwise be able to afford.​

​Please contact our office at 850.257.5036 for more information on this program and to see if you qualify. If you would like to support our scholarship program please click the donate now button below.

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