Where Grieving Hearts Heal

Christina Cassani

1968 ~ 2017

Angel House Bereavement Center a non-profit 501(c) (3) was established to help children, adolescents and adults struggling with the pain of life-altering loss from either death, trauma or significant life change. We are the only providers of clinical grief counseling in Bay and surrounding counties. 

About Angel House

Our Story

My daughter and I were in a parking lot in the early months of 2005.  Her father had died shortly before and I was having one of those days when tears ran continually.  Out of nowhere, my four-year-old giggled reached down and picked up a small rock.  She tugged at me excitedly, opened my hand and placed her tiny treasure in the center of my palm.  “Mama, do you know what it is?  Do you?”  I learned long ago that children are far wiser than adults can ever hope to be, so I smiled, shook my head and said “No kiddo, I don’t.  Please tell me.”

And then my world changed.

My child looked up with clear, happy eyes. “Silly Mama, it’s an Angel House.  The angel is inside and she can hear your heart.  And now she’s gonna go tell God and the Universe and it’s gonna be ok.”  Then she put her tiny hands beneath mine and blew gently on the rock.  Her eyes slowly tracked toward the sky.  “There she goes, Mama.  She said to tell you the angels are everywhere.  Can you see them?”  And my little one pointed to an entire parking lot full of small stones that had suddenly become so much more.  We were, indeed, surrounded by angels.

Within a month events occurred that paved the way for me to spend nine years as a hospice bereavement specialist, building the staff and volunteer base that would become Angel House.   In April of 2015, we opened our doors and have touched the lives of over 800 families.

On behalf of the entire Angel House Team, we are deeply honored to provide healing to those who are grieving in our community.   We promise to be good stewards of your generosity. 

Thank you for your support and trust.

Christina Cassani, M.S.
Co-founder and former President and Executive Director


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